“ГРУПП Четыре” LLP has more than 3,000 employees. Our employees are our primary and most valuable resource, capital and asset. The Company’s success depends on having the right employees and their coordinated actions.

All potential candidates are carefully screened, selected and hired according to Laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan, international standards and the policy implemented by “ГРУПП Четыре” LLP.

The Company’s employees are structurally divided into:

  • Guards (primary level);
  • Senior guards, senior Rapid Response Team guards;
  • Supervisors;
  • Investigators;
  • Video surveillance operators;
  • Managers (facility managers);
  • Branch and office directors;
  • Administrative personnel;
  • Company management.

The Company works continuously to enhance employee development.

  • We have developed our own employee training program (courses, trainings, lectures and practical exercises);
  • Staff evaluation is carried out through performance reviews;
  • We have developed our own employee training program, and Company employees are trained in our training center;
  • An employee adaptation policy has been developed and put into effect;
  • We have created opportunities for career growth and rotation of staff within the Company;
  • We work continuously to reduce staff turnover.

Given the importance and value of personnel in the company’s growth, management gives priority to providing social benefits, financial assistance and other incentives to employees.  “ГРУПП Четыре” LLP provides its employees with social benefits and financial assistance in accordance with the Labor Code and other legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan. We have also developed Work Incentive Regulations for Company Employees.

The company’s employees have received numerous awards for courage and professionalism shown in apprehending criminals and illegal infiltrators, and for assistance during plane crashes, attempted hijacking of aircraft and during fires. Two guards were awarded Erligi Ushin (Courage) medals by order of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan for their courage and competent actions during recovery from an air disaster, and two others were awarded medals of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Kazakhstan “For Excellence in Emergency Prevention and Recovery”.