Demand for security advisory services is growing along with market needs. Most companies are starting to think seriously about how secure their resources are, and whether the level of security meets the needs of business and external requirements.

A company’s existing security system is often built and operates inefficiently. Naturally, this has a negative impact on business and causes incidents resulting in significant damage.

To reduce the risks of damage, we offer security advisory support for the Customer’s facilities, which includes:

  • Compatibility of the level of technical protection with the Customer’s requirements;
  • Compatibility of administrative safeguards with the Customer’s requirements.
  • The Customer’s level of protection against unethical actions of its own employees, including attempted theft, fraud, etc.;
  • Compatibility of the security of information resources with the Customer’s requirements;
  • The level of protection against unscrupulous contractors.

As part of these services, we effectively accomplish the following tasks:

  • risk management;
  • identifying, assessing and monitoring potential security risks;
  • optimizing processes;
  • offering customized solutions for companies.