Are you rapidly enlarging your market footprint?

Are you involved in politics?

Do you suspect a threat to your life because of your work?

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Specially trained bodyguards are also suitable for wealthy individuals who are apprehensive about competitors, and for high-ranking government officials. All of these people belong to a group at serious risk from hired criminals. Many show business stars employ bodyguards for peace of mind during tours. A lot of them use this type of service for safety on the streets and protection against petty criminals.

GROUP Four LLP offers the services of highly trained bodyguards in Kazakhstan. You can be sure of reliable protection with our carefully trained employees.

    Your safety – a bodyguard is always on the alert and is able to anticipate various events and plan his actions as they develop. His job is to protect you, and he devotes all of his time exclusively to this.

    Your status – the presence of bodyguards invariably increases a person’s status in the opinion of others, and ordering this service makes the protected person more influential in society.

    Your team – that’s right, strong physical protection involves more than one person, it’s always a team – a group of people committed to the person they are working for. This is important, given the areas of professional activity of potential customers.


All of our employees are in top physical condition, have a license to carry and use firearms, and are masters of various martial arts. We have no novices – all employees have extensive experience in this area.

Our core business

  • We provide security for the customer’s permanent and temporary locations.
  • We constantly monitor the customer’s premises and surrounding areas.
  • We plan travel routes and track even the slightest changes during travel.
  • We prevent any unscheduled attempted approaches and check everyone who comes in contact with the customer.
  • We arrange full protection and eliminate all potential threats.
  • We provide a constant escort for the customer.