The concept of “Manned Guarding” includes an action plan to ensure uninterrupted operation at a protected facility and safeguard its valuables. Manned guarding is our Company’s core business.

Manned guarding services for a facility include a comprehensive inspection by specialists with respect to:

  • determining the most effective security system;
  • making security recommendations with a detailed description of existing deficiencies;
  • the possibility of using security equipment;
  • Manned guarding of the facility.

Then we provide a version of the best and most reliable security system and strategy.

Security is provided according to these principles for:

  • oil and gas fields and processing plants, finished product storage areas, and oil and gas pipelines;
  • gold mining and primary industry facilities;
  • banks;
  • foreign embassies and representative offices;
  • business centers and offices;
  • industrial facilities and warehouses;
  • private property;
  • educational institutions;
  • individuals;
  • residential complexes;
  • security for public events (exhibitions, competitions, contests, festivals);
  • cargo escort in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Manned guarding of facilities helps to minimize terrorist threats, which is especially critical today.