Cargo escort services provided by GROUP Four LLP to its Customers have been growing rapidly and are being offered in response to increasing demand in this area. Cargo escort is another service that is of increasing interest to our customers. Like all the other services provided by GROUP Four, this service is intended to ensure the safety of our customers and their property and assets, and is a perfect complement to the other services they can take advantage of anywhere in Kazakhstan.

Every business considers periodic transportation of valuable goods and supplies in the Republic of Kazakhstan. When a cargo leaves your business premises and is en route, it is completely unprotected against attacks, and your documents or goods become an easy target for thieves. GROUP Four LLP offers professional cargo escort services for any transport vehicle anywhere in Kazakhstan. We will safeguard cargoes, valuable goods and documents from the time they are loaded in the vehicle until the time of acceptance specified by the contract.

Our Company also has partnership relations for security operations under the Green Corridor program (Kazakhstan, Russia, Kyrgyzstan and China), which allow us to arrange cargo escort services.

Features of our services

For effective protection and cargo escort, our experts, together with the customer, work out a route for the vehicle. The location of service stations, traffic police posts, communities, gas stations, stations, parking lots and other facilities are taken into consideration. Fast movement of a vehicle with minimum delays is important. We prepare detailed instructions for employees involved in cargo protection and escort to follow from the time the valuables are shipped until they are delivered.

Our strengths

         Professionalism. Specially trained guards, who have both theoretical knowledge and practical skills in actions during emergencies, escort the cargoes. Specialists with experience in these operations are permitted to provide these services. Our employees are able to make the right decisions in emergencies.

         Reliability. A 24-hour call center allows quick response to any situations that may occur en route. Multistage monitoring of cargo security has been implemented to ensure reliable escort.

         All necessary equipment is provided. During cargo transport, we provide the guards with specialized equipment and means of communication allowing constant monitoring and tracking of movement and the surroundings, and other equipment that may be required en route. All of our employees are licensed to use firearms, and the appropriate permits have been issued in government agencies.

Cargo escort includes:

  • Safe and reliable transportation of goods and protection in case of an attempted attack;
  • Protection of the customer’s drivers and representatives accompanying the goods;
  • Reliable telecommunications in order to maintain constant communication between the guards and the Company’s control room and call center.